Advantages of the control room created on the POLYWALL platform

The control room is designed to monitor processes or handle large-scale operations, analyze and predict the development of the situation, make decisions and manage extraordinary events. Typically, a large-scale high-resolution video wall is used to display high-resolution SCADA mnemoschemes, screens of multiple workstations, dashboards, application windows from different sources, IP camera streams, and systems.

When designing a control room, it is important to understand the basic principles:

  • High-resolution video wall and images (e.g., SCADA mnemoschemes);
  • The location and viewing angles from operators to videowall;
  • Sources which will be placed to video walls. Determine method of source placement on early stages;
  • Ease of management of visualization and automation of standard tasks;
  • Versatility and scalability of solutions;
  • Image quality requirements.

Polywall is the best solution for creating a control room. High performance software to manage large scale video walls, showing minemoschemes with pixel-for-pixel image resolution, video streams from cameras and workstations in high quality and frame rates. The control room based on Polywall is simple to deploy and manage, versatile in source types, and budget friendly:

  • Supports a large number of different sources: applications, images, streams from IP cameras, streams from videoconferencing systems, video streams from a workstations (with KVM control feature), media files, documents, and much more.
  • It uses the best in class versatile operator console which is used to control videowalls content in manual (drag-n-drop), semi-automatic (presets), and fully automatic (scenarios and schedule) modes. In addition, the same console used to remote control hosted sources - dashboards, applications, and workstations.
  • Developer audit and support on all stages of the project deployment - our consultants and engineers are ready to monitor project on all stages - initial design, demo and POC, selection of equipment, deployment support, and after-sales tech support. Operator and engineer online courses are ready to build in-house competence and maximize user experience quality.
  • Mission Critical - Polywall is designed to meet the increased reliability and long-term efficiency requirements of solutions in Control Rooms. Such functionality as hot redundancy allows you to create control room project with high fault tolerance.

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