Reliability of AV over IP solutions is essential

AV over IP is becoming the main stream transmission method, Assuming your company is transmitting and distributing high-quality audio and video, you may realize that commercial Ethernet/IP streaming actively replacing dedicated transmission cables. According to the consideration of cost, power and standardization. In addition, with the move to IP network infrastructure, audio and video networks will increasingly be integrated into common enterprise networks. However, if you are concerned about safety, such as working in a company with strict safety requirements and rules, then this kind of worry may make you sleepless at night:

  • Will the severe security settings set in the corporate network be damaged after the device implements AV over IP?
  • Can sending video and audio through the IP network prevent hackers from accessing active or secret materials?
  • Is there a need to review security policy of organization?

Security should start from the basics.

Security processing generally requires that all devices connected to the network have the necessary security functions and equipment to ensure that the entire network remains secure. Therefore, with the integration of the audiovisual system and the enterprise data network, all connected devices need to comply with the company’s security policies and standards. Assuming that there is no security equipment that should be provided, AV equipment itself can become vulnerability in security perimeter. In addition, the audiovisual system itself often carries critical data and information, so it is more necessary to ensure the security of these information.

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