Solution example. Nordjyske Medier, Aalborg,Denmark

Implementation object:

Nordjyske Medier is a company based in North Jutland, Denmark. The agency works with online news, newspapers, and radio. It is the second-largest media company in Denmark and prides itself on being known as one of the most modern media companies globally. The agency works with a wide range of media and manages a fully integrated solution.

Task set:

Editors preparing news releases needed a large amount of visual information to be used in their work. Therefore, each editor workplace was equipped with videowall under direct control of operator, allowing him to quickly and conveniently change information, creating sources on the fly.

Other tasks included equipment of several workrooms with video walls showing current, up-to-date information from the company's systems, along with news and selections. It was supposed to manage the data on these walls remotely or use mobile terminals right from the room.
In parallel with these tasks, the company planned to equip its office with corporate digital signage for the entrance group, cafeteria, CSR room, and office navigation. The question was about managing the entire visualization system in the office and optimizing maintenance costs.


  • After careful selection, comparison, and validation, the Polywall Enterprise platform was selected as the office visualization management system. The ability to create "virtual rooms" made it possible to give each editor a dedicated interface to the content of only his videowall, arrange mobile terminals in other rooms and provide the administrator a tool to control visualization on digital signage screens. Moreover, it was possible to add additional rooms at any time without changing the licensing.
  • The universal operator console, easy to learn and use, made it possible for editors and users of the system to concentrate on their tasks without thinking about the technical side of things.
  • Using the DELL equipment standard for the company made it possible to unify the hardware part of the solution and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining and further expanding of the system.

“We liked the idea of ​​not having fixed settings but being able to design on the fly what look and media we would like to bring to the video walls. In addition, creating templates that can be activated at specific times of the day will help our newsroom stay informed,” said Lars Pap Dreyer, IT Operations Consultant.

“During the implementation process, it became clear that the ease of managing Polywall screens/video walls would help us move information around the corporation using video walls (or multiple screens) located in the marketing and sales department.”

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