Conference call in the control room

In modern life, time is the most valuable resource, and spending it on moving from point to point to organize a meeting is not always possible and efficient. Thanks to modern communication technologies and solutions, geographical boundaries are being erased, and the opportunity to hold a face-to-face meeting does not take time and additional resources. Control room processes greatly benefit from ability to gather participants from different locations in one place, quickly distribute situation details, build joint strategies and share information.

According to statistics, we receive more than 80% of information non-verbally - through gestures, facial expressions, and glances. That is why electronic correspondence or a telephone conversation cannot replace live meetings. Today, video conferencing systems (VCS) are used in a variety of areas: corporate business, the financial sector, government agencies, distance education, recruiting, medicine, transport, etc.

The level of events and audience experience is highly dependent on the audiovisual equipment available in the conference room or convention center. The modern conference room is a multifunctional facility that provides maximum comfort and functionality for presenters, attendees, and all other users.

Equipment in a modern conference center should include the following:

  • AV signal switching and distribution system that allows you to connect mobile content sources.
  • Conference system for simultaneous translation.
  • Integrated control system.
  • Video conferencing system.
  • System of registration and authorization.
  • The ability to combine the processes of operational control and meetings in one environment with a high density of information.
  • Inclusion in the work processes of not only present participants, but also remote ones
  • High information capacity of video walls due to high resolution.
  • Universal operator console with extensive content management capabilities
  • Content management in any situation, both pre-prepared (programmed content) and freelance (manual control and on-the-fly source creation).
  • Receiving and visualizing information from any equipment (workstations, including remote ones, IP cameras, decoders) and ERP/BI platforms.

With Polywall, the control room design can use variety of different versions of VCS implementations, bringing them all together in one project, achieving maximum technical and functional efficiency with complete flexibility in hardware selection. The control room design based on Polywall meets the above functional and technical requirements. It includes:

  1. Display information pixel-to-pixel in high quality without compression, on videowall of any type - LED, LCD, projection etc
  2. Interactive analytics which allows presenters to independently control presentations and add handwritten comments on top of displayed materials.
  3. Videowall hosting video conferencing software or streams from videoconference corner
  4. Integration with specialist VCS software allows registration of events held at the facility, maintaining electronic archives, simultaneous translation
  5. Multi-sources layout with various information from cabled, software and AV-over-IP sources on the main videowall and auxiliary display systems.
  6. Sound reproduction and amplification of audio signals from various sources.
  7. Easily manage your equipment and content with an intuitive and user-friendly control interface.

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