The operator console of the Polywall software

We've talked so much about the Operator Console in our posts, but we haven't told you the most important thing. What does it look like, how does it work, and what are the benefits of our Polywall software console? Flip through the tape, we showed you a visual of what our console looks like on a video wall controller.


  1. Polywall has a browser-based operator console - Polywall Designer - with a LIVE video wall background image (up to 30 frames per second) that runs on any OS - Windows, MAC, Linux. Polywall Designer also supports multiple simultaneous user inputs, those Polywall software supports input from multiple types of sources, and you will see each other's changes. New sources can be created by the operator at any time, and file sources are created automatically. All sources have a special management tab for quick actions, while some of them (dashboards, remote workstations, applications, etc.) can be managed
  2. A single web application for all operator duties - manual management of sources, preparation of layout, preparation and launching of scripts (with visual programming). Can be used for direct source control on video walls via KVM control - i.e., control via URL browser, workstation control via Polywall Agent, etc. The same functionality is available on mobile devices.
  3. Supported operator console languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. This is why our program is so popular all over the world and has won many worldwide awards.
  4. Applications are streamed from any computer on the network in real-time, high-resolution video.
  5. Easy operation. No complicated and unnecessary buttons, understanding, simplicity, and quick learning curve is a plus for operators, which significantly reduces training costs.
  6. Polywall allows the operator to create video wall layouts and new grids of reference lines on the fly, new sources - web pages, applications, streams from workstations - just by software methods without affecting the infrastructure, and it is easy to do without any special knowledge. The interface is modified for a specific task in a couple of clicks, showing only what the operator needs at a given moment. This approach makes the solution as flexible as possible, the console - simple, but at the same time powerful and fully functional.
  7. For the operator's console does not need to have powerful, expensive computers. It is enough to have a simple computer on any platform and a fast processor. In the case of a computer failure, only the computer itself is replaced, but the program does not fail.

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