Consider an example of the implementation of a hybrid control room under the control of our platform in SOCAR

Consider an example of the implementation of a hybrid control room under the control of our platform in SOCAR.

In short about the company

The State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) is a national oil and gas company headquartered in Baku. The center is the operational center for production monitoring, rapid response, and crisis management. The customer's team also uses it for executive meetings, emergency scenarios and exercises, and various conferences.

Determining factors for choosing this technical solution by the customer:
  • The ability to combine the processes of operational control and meetings in one environment with a high density of information.
  • Inclusion of remote participants into the work processes together with on-site staff
  • High information capacity of video walls required high resolution.
  • FLexible operator console with extensive content management capabilities
  • Content management in any situation, both prepared (pre-programmed content) and situational (manual control and on-the-fly source creation and placement).
  • Receiving and visualizing information from any equipment (workstations, including remote ones, IP cameras, decoders) and ERP/BI platforms.

  • The core of the project is the Polywall control center software, PRO version installed on a Datapath controller with 12 IN/12 OUT
  • A 5x2 LCD video wall carries out the main visualization, and two 75” FLIPBOX interactive panels are also installed;
  • Wolfvision documentary camera;
  • CRESTRON matrix switcher;
  • 6 high-performance workplaces for personnel.

Currently, the customer successfully uses the visualization center to solve various problems, including:
  • holding executive meetings and corporate meetings among employees both on-site and in hybrid mode;
  • monitoring of production activities at several production facilities (production of diesel fuel and tracking of all process parameters);
  • tracking of gas supplies and transportation to consumers and partners;
  • observation and monitoring of the oil exploration process.

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