Advantages of the POLYWALL product

Why is Polywall considered the best solution for Control Centers?

1. The product is designed specifically for command and control environment.

Unlike solutions that "grew" from the digital signage environment, Polywall is designed to handle tasks that arise when working with information in the control room environment - NOC (network operations center), SOC (security operations center), control or operations room, dispatcher hall, situation center, etc. With the functionality built into Polywall, most customer requirements for a control room environment can be covered. At the same time, all functions have already been implemented, are available immediately after installing Polywall, and do not require additional integration.

2. Maximum flexibility.

With the help of Polywall software, a video wall operator can create any application sources on the fly in any quantity and immediately place them on the video wall. This flexibility is not available with regular video matrix or AV-over-IP solutions.

3. Universal operator console.

Best-in-class implementation to meet all Control room operator needs; easy video wall content management solution in all modes.

Easily manage control room screens and video walls with the software's universal operator console, manually placing sources, creating layouts, and automating video wall content, all from a single web application running on any browser.

Polywall allows you to simplify the work of the operator in all modes. Using this system, you can plan events, create scenarios from multiple sources (presets and references), and schedule the display of certain materials. At the same time, information visualization can be controlled according to a pre-made scenario and manually during operation.

Unfortunately, we couldn't fit all our best qualities into one post. However, we still want to tell you so much so that you not only read the post but also understand how we can help you. Therefore, the continuation of this topic will be in the next post.

We continue the last post on the topic of our advantages:

4. Work on any hardware.

Polywall can use virtually any Windows-based hardware to handle video walls and generate sources. This greatly simplifies the project scheme and makes it possible to implement it based on the equipment available on the local market and corresponds to the project budget. In addition, the configuration of the solution is also significantly simplified - the knowledge of a Windows system administrator is enough to configure and maintain Polywall.

5. Best from three worlds - Polywall software combines technical solutions and best practices of three approaches to creating a control room:

Video matrixes working with cable video sources:
  • multiple workstations connected by video cable to the controller;
  • quick switching of layouts from workstation screens on the video wall.

Classic windows-based controller capable of:
  • creation of sources of various types on the fly;
  • generation of software sources - web pages, documents, media files, IP video, remote desktops - directly on the video wall controller, without the need for additional workstations, in unlimited quantities;
  • flexible manual video wall control and different levels of content automation.

A pure software AV-over-IP controller with the latest developments in the field of av-over-IP:
  • Stream multiple workstation display or group of displays to videowall;
  • Stream connected video-device;
  • Stream application windows.

Using Polywall, a customer can take the best of each of the 3 main approaches to building a control room, combining them in one project and achieving maximum technical and functional efficiency with complete flexibility in the choice of hardware.

Our developers, engineers, and consultants work with partners to continually improve, bringing new features, interface improvements, and hardware and software compatibility. Your comments/suggestions will not go unnoticed.

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