A new release of Polywall 3.6 is out

Features of the release:

  • Full-fledged work with cameras supporting NDI and ONVIF standards was implemented.
  • The new release includes the following features: camera autodetection, PTZ camera control from the polywall interface, mass creation of camera sources when performing project integration. As part of the upgrade, the control room operator can now not only quickly find all active NDI&ONVIF cameras available on the network but also manage them directly from the Polywall interface.

It is now much more efficient to create hybrid monitoring rooms, control centers and control rooms.

  • Ability to eliminate the need for specialized CCTV products.
  • Operator efficiency is optimized many times over.

Unsure if this product is right for you? Request an online web meeting to get a personal demo of the Polywall solutions:

  • Ask all the necessary questions. We will clearly show and answer them.
  • You can quickly get a complete overview of the key features of the solution and evaluate the user experience following your expectations.
  • Demonstration takes place in a ZOOM session, lasts 30 minutes + your questions.