October 04, 2017

Polywall version 2.0.1000 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.1000 is released with the following updates:

New features:

  1. Polywall user interface is available in Chinese.
  2. Added Datapath SQX/ Matrox IPX switcher in Visualizer configurator GUI.
  3. Added possibility for customized Visualizer capture area in Visualizer GUI.
  4. Added independent Datapath capture format option for each Datapath hardware source in Visualizer GUI.
  5. Added URL field for IP camera source.
  6. Updated IP camera database.
  7. Added URL field for IP camera source.

Resolved issues:

  1. Fixed bug in IP camera source.
  2. Minor changes in license activation process.

July 18, 2017

Polywall version 2.0.981 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.981 is released with the following updates:

New features:

  1. Application source is available in both editions.
  2. Datapath Capture Format (Global option for all inputs).
  3. External API module (allows to interact with Polywall API through Windows command line).

April 25, 2017

Polywall version 2.0.977 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.977 is released with the following updates:

Main changes:

  1. Added Matrox IPX streams support.

New features:

  1. Polywall user interface is available in Italian and Turkish.
  2. Added custom Visualizer area.
  3. Text source is available in both editions.
  4. Possiblity to select which displays are affected by scenario playback.

Resolved issues:

  1. Improved Datapath hardware sources compatibility.
  2. Improved Matrox hardware sources compatibility.

January 30, 2017

Visiology releases new versions of Polywall and Flipbox Software Suite at ISE 2017

February 7 – 10 Visiology will present its Data Visualization module for Polywall software at upcoming ISE 2017, held at the RAI in Amsterdam. The demonstration will take place at the Visiology booth 14-M285.

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September 06, 2016

Polywall first time to showcase in Latin America

Visiology, an international software application development company for visualization and data analysis, will present its flagship product Polywall at Tecnomultimedia InfoComm exhibition in Bogota (Colombia) on 11-13th of October. Polywall is already well known in Latin America, however will be first time shown in the region.

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August 22, 2016

Polywall version 2.0.928 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.928 is released with the following updates:

Main changes:

  1. Added audio transmission support for Datapath capture cards.
  2. Implemented multi-threading for web-sources.
  3. Fixed algorithm to calculate grid spacing in Polywall Designer.

June 27, 2016

Visiology presented new Data Visualization module at InfoComm 16

Visiology debuted as an exhibitor at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas with its new development Data Visualization module, built as a part of the video wall management software. The module can be used both as an independent Business Intelligence tool and as a part of Polywall software responsible for the interactive visualization of data.

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May 31, 2016

Polywall version 2.0.920 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.920 is released with the following updates:

Main changes:

  1. Replaced browser to display the source “Web-page” from GEKO to CEF (Adobe Flash Player is now required to show websites that use Flash)

New features:

  1. Better compatibility with Web sites
  2. Automatic display of sites with untrusted certificates
  3. Possibility to set up automatic refresh of the source “Web-page” with the scheduled refresh time
  4. Added cookies support
  5. Possibility to clean manually the browser's cache in the Visualizer settings

April 25, 2016

Visiology to showcase Polywall Data Visualization module at InfoComm Las Vegas

Visiology will present new Data Visualization module for Polywall software, a high end solution to manage video walls, at upcoming InfoComm, held on June 8-10th at the Convention center in Las Vegas. The demonstration will take place at the Visiology booth #157 (North Hall).

Polywall solution will be featured by Visiology experts from development and support providing an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest video wall control technology.

Polywall Data Visualization module creates a new interaction pattern between video wall management software and user’s data. It can be connected seamlessly to the enterprise relational database or Hadoop cluster at raw data level and generate data visualization without the need to use third-party Business Intelligence tools. Polywall solution is now able to cover a wide range of tasks: from display and control of various sources to real-time analytics and Big Data visualization. Due to its high performance and cost-effectiveness Polywall is one of the most fast developing AV products at the international market.

Visiology will also demonstrate Flipbox Software Suite - innovative software for corporate meeting rooms that transforms large interactive screen into a powerful collaboration device with wireless presenting, mobile screen sharing and videoconferencing capabilities.

Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology: “In terms of functionality Polywall transformed from the simple display system to the multipurpose platform focused on solving industry-specific business problems. I believe, Data Visualization module will be a significant added value to real-tasks solving for strategy planning, marketing and sales units. We have already several cases of non-standard module use in Digital Signage projects. I invite everyone to visit our booth #157 in North Hall to learn more about Polywall and Flipbox business benefits.”

Both products, Polywall and Flipbox Software Suite, will be demonstrated at the Visiology booth #157.

Register with a VIP code VIS417 and get a Free Exhibit Pass from Visiology.

Looking forward to meet you at the show!

Polywall at InfoComm China

Polywall software will be demonstrated at Mindstec Distribution booth during InfoComm China 2016 in Beijing. The 3-days show starts April the 13th in China National Convention Center (CNCC).

Mindstec Distribution (booth EC8-01) will showcase the latest version of Polywall PRO software, intended to control video walls and information displays. The software designed for wide range of projects such as Control Rooms, Collaboration Rooms and Digital Signage, provides full support for many actual features: life content placement and control, CCTV, flexible role management and many others.

Looking forward to meet you at the show!

Date: 13th to 15th April
Booth Number: EC8-01
Opening hours: 13th & 14th April: 09:30 to 17:00
                                15th April: 09:00 to 16:00

March 01, 2016

Polywall at Integrated Systems Europe 2016

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the main annual event of AV market. It is the largest exhibition of the industry, both in scale and the number of product lines. Visiology took part in ISE 2016, demonstrating Polywall software together with its key partner Datapath.

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Fabruary 29, 2016

Polywall version 2.0.903 released

The latest Polywall version 2.0.903 is released with the following updates:

New features:

  1. The user interface of Polywall is available in French and German
  2. Added possibility to use IP-camera as a source
  3. Added possibility to use Text frame as a source
  4. Added source video-stream refresh button
  5. Added display of inactive hardware source
  6. Added possibility to assign title to the sources displayed on the video wall
  7. Added ability to choose the language in Wizard

Resolved issues:

  1. Fixed issue with a special symbols entry in the Controller
  2. Improved RTSP camera reconnection after signal failure
  3. Identical sources are not replaced during the scenario showing

January 18, 2016

Polywall release at ISE 2016

Visiology will launch the new versions of Polywall at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam. The demonstration will take place at the booth of the company’s major partner Datapath.

Polywall, a powerful solution for the video wall control, will be presented at Datapath booth,Stand: Hall 8 - K227. Combined with Datapath hardware it makes the creation of a video wall so simple and easy that every company can do it on its own. At the ISE the following updates will be featured:

  • Special features for video surveillance control rooms
  • Collaboration between geographically distributed control rooms
  • Support for hardware-accelerated IPTV decoding based on Datapath SQX technology

  • We look forward to meeting you at the show!

    January 11, 2016

    Datapath becomes reseller of Visiology’s Polywall video wall control software

    Advanced video graphics, capture and video wall display technology specialist, Datapath Ltd, has become a reseller of Polywall software, a high end solution to manage video walls and information displays for control rooms, conference halls and digital signage projects. Polywall can now be supplied with Datapath video wall controllers to display any information or content required on the screen array.

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    October 21, 2015

    Infocomm MEA has demonstrated the Polywall potential

    In a professional AV industry InfoComm is always the most important annual event that brings together tens of thousands of professionals. This is a single and universal platform for professional dialogue that regularly takes place in Americas, Europe, Asia and in the central eastern region.

    This year the event held in Dubai brought together over 200 exhibitors from 30 countries. Business program InfoComm MEA included a number of conferences and seminars, on one of which performed Elena Novikova, Owner of Visiology.

    Elena Novikova, Owner of Visiology: "According to the results of the event there is a strong feeling that Polywall has great potential. The product is unique, has a wide range of popular features for decision-making centers and has all the opportunities to become a standard in the industry of visualization control ".

    August 12, 2015

    Polywall version 2.0.823 released

    The latest Polywall version 2.0.823 is released with the following updates:

    New features:

    1. Arabic language support
    2. Worker application port can be changed via configuration files
    3. Added ability to choose components to instal with Polywall Kit installer
    4. Video-stream sources can be updated (re-added) using button in Designer

    Resolved issues:

    1. Fixed issue when drawings overlapped sources
    2. Fixed issue with showing sources on 10 or more displays

    June 17, 2015

    Polywall version 2.0.813 released

    The latest Polywall version 2.0.813 is released with the following updates:

    New features:

    1. Added authorization and role management in Pro version
    2. Added HTTPS support in Pro version
    3. Added hot redundancy in Pro version
    4. Added Polywall agent in Pro version
    5. Added automatic creation of repositories with hardware inputs

    Resolved issues:

    1. Improved source overlapping control (Z-index)
    2. Improved displaying of PowerPoint presentations
    3. Improved Video Playlist source
    4. Fixed deletion of an existing source when you save the other one with the name of an existing source for the following sources: video stream, web page, VNC protocol and application
    5. Fixed issue that caused focus transition when Visualizer application was running
    6. Improved Designer application layout for iPad
    7. Fixed issue that caused absence of source preview when dragged and dropped from Files section
    8. Improved Yuan capture card support
    9. Fixed page refresh while editing big scenarios

    April 30, 2015

    Polywall version 2.0.810 released

    The latest Polywall version 2.0.810 is released with the following updates:

    New features:

    1. Added Portuguese language support
    2. Added source overlapping control (Z-index)
    3. Added Video Playlist source

    Resolved issues:

    1. Improved UX
    2. Improved Application source parameters
    3. Improved Video Playlist source
    4. Improved video source control
    5. Improved scene display
    6. Improved source editing

    February 10, 2015

    Polywall at the ISE 2015

    Visiology wants to remind about participation of Polywall at the Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow (Amsterdam, 10-12 February). The product is demonstrated at the booth of Datapath, one of the largest Visiology partners.

    Datapath is the world leader in the field of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology. You will be able to see how Polywall software and Datapath hardware can make a perfect match for any video wall setup.where we will.

    You can find Polywall at Datapath booth 11-E57.

    The demo will be held on the following schedule:

    Tue – 11am-12pm

    Wed – 2pm-3pm

    Thu – 11am-12pm

    We look forward to meeting you at the show!

    May 25, 2014

    Polywall at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, from June 18-20th

    Convention Center in Las Vegas will be the platform for the annual international exhibition InfoCom 2014. On the area of 500 000 square feet will present latest innovations of audiovisual industry for more than 1,000 exhibitors.

    Polymedia will demonstrate innovative solutions of its R&D department. One of them will be Polywall, software a high-end software solution to control video walls and information displays for control rooms, conference halls and Digital Signage projects.

    You can find us in North Hall, Stand N3247.

    Please ask for a meeting appointment in advance! We look forward for meet you at the show!

    February 06, 2014

    ISE 2014: Polymedia Breaks Down Software Polywall for Managing Video Walls

    Video Interview with Ivan Vakhmianin, Head of R&D Polymedia, for video blog “rAVe” at Infocomm 2014.

    November 01, 2013

    Polywall was demonstated at the InfoComm MEA 2013

    The largest professional and business exhibition in AV industry in Middle East and Africa InfoComm MEA took place October 20-24, in Dubai, UAE. At the exhibition along with developers, manufacturers and integrators from all over the world, was presented products and solutions of the R&D Polymedia center including a complex consisting of a visualization management software VIRD and a videocontroller PolyWall. VIRD software is known as an efficient tool for visualization management, development of multivariant scenarios for meetings and real-time control of hardware and software. Integrating a recently developed videocontroller PolyWall with software VIRD resulted in getting a technical complex on a powerful hardware platform with a multifunctional software and a unified management environment. Elena Novikova, CEO of Polymedia: “We see great advantages in our participation at InfoComm MEA. As a developer company we are planning to go to the international market and hope to meet our future partners and customers”.