Request A 30 Day Trial Version

Most of the video wall software vendors do not provide free trial version of their product. With Polywall you can download free multiple monitor software evaluation version right now. It will be active for 30-days. We also have special offer for our authorized partners. Our partners can obtain free multiple monitor software for using in their showroom. Both trial and demo versions of Polywall have full functionality and are not limited by number of display, data sources, etc. Our technical consultants are happy to help our customers to conduct a test run after they do multiple monitor software free download.

Please follow the steps below to obtain your evaluation key:

  1. Download and install Polywall Kit
  2. Launch Polywall Configuration Wizard and go through configuration steps
  3. Send Hardware ID number to Please
    1. Use a valid corporate email address, as evaluation key is sent via email. Public emails (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.) will not be accepted
    2. Specify desired program version – Polywall or Polywall PRO

Learn more about product versions below.



To unleash the full potential of Polywall it is better to setup a video wall. To setup video wall you can use Datapath or Matrox graphic cards or other multi-channel cards. Minimal requirements to evaluate Polywall are listed below:

  • Server and Visualizer computer (Machine A):
    • Intel Celeron, Core Duo or Core i-Series CPU
    • 2GB RAM
    • 5GB free disk space
    • Windows 7 x64 (Pro or Ultimate)
    • Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 – any edition that includes PowerPoint, Word and Excel
    • Static IP address
  • Client (user) computer (Machine B):
    • Intel Celeron, Core Duo or Core i-Series CPU
    • 2GB RAM
    • 5GB free disk space
    • Windows 7 x64 (Pro or Ultimate)
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Network connectivity to Machine A

Please note that although minimal requirements are low – the number of displayed sources and quality of their display (fps, smoothness) depends dramatically on the computer performance. For the actual project we recommend to use industrial-grade hardware. Contact Us to get detailed recommendations.

Quick start guide

  • Download and install Polywall Kit to Machine A (video wall controller). Three Polywall core components will be installed automatically – Server, Visualizer and Worker.
  • Download and install Polywall Worker to Machine B. That will allow you to display local files from Machine B on the video wall.
  • Open Firefox browser on Machine B and browse to http://Machine_A_ip_address:8080/polywall/designer

Start controlling your video wall!

Installation Manual 2.0.1033 (pdf - 2.2 Mb)

Operator Manual 2.0.1033 (pdf - 4.2 Mb)

Polywall Start Guide (pdf - 183 Kb)

Polywall Kit 2.0.1033 (exe - 428 Mb)

Polywall Agent (exe - 6 Mb)